Bitcoin artist “Bnoiit.c” created an Ethereum-based virtual museum “Cryptovoxels” ensuring censored artworks are immutably preserved for an online audience.

The collection as of Aug 25 includes a Bitcoin mural by French street artist Pascal “PBOY” Boyart, which was painted over by French authorities earlier this year. 

Undertones of Revolution

The virtual museum includes the story of the subversive mural . A modern-day reworking of Eugène Delacroix’s classic revolutionary painting “La Liberté guidant le peuple” (Liberty Guiding the People).

The mural was created in honor of the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin’s Genesis Block recasting the rebels who rose up against King Charles X in 1830 as contemporary “Gilets Jaunes” (Yellow Vest) protestors. 

There is a street art treasure hunt, containing a puzzle with a 0.284 BTC bounty, which could be solved entirely only by finding and being physically in front of the mural. It was painted over one month after its creation.

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The mural is now a tokenized digital collectible, split up into 100 ETH-based non-fungible tokens, which can be bought and sold via peer-to-peer digital collectibles marketplace OpenSea.

Users wishing to display their fragment of the mural need to buy ETH-based “land parcels” on Cryptovoxels. Just as with the artworks, these land parcels can also be bought and traded via OpenSea

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