Blockchain 2020 Kick-off Summit
Blockchain 2020 Kick-Off Summit hosted by Asia Token Fund, Block Tides & Block PR Asia
January 18, 2020
Blockchain 2020 Kick-off Summit
Blockchain 2020 Kick-Off Summit hosted by Asia Token Fund, Block Tides & Block PR Asia
January 18, 2020
Type of EventConference
Ticket PriceFREE
DateJanuary 19, 2020
Time1 PM – 6 PM
WhereConrad Manila
How To Get TicketsEvent Website

Sponsors: WorldKYC, WinstantPay, Stemflux, OKEX, Flash, DIC (IndexChain)

WorldKYC is an integrated risk classification technology for new and existing customers. Transparency at its finest. They believe that knowing your customers is not an option. They are currently based in Hong Kong with a great team in place.

What WorldKYC offers:

  • Flexible integration with existing customer acceptance processes.
  • Compliance with statutory due diligence for risk-based customer acceptance.
  • Designer to create dynamic customer acceptance questionnaires.
  • Customer information is matched with the sanction and watch lists to identify criminals, and with PEP databases.
  • Automatic retrieval of the beneficial owner for legal entities.


WinstantPay was formed to provide a global network for instant settlement of payments in any currency, anywhere, and anytime. It has the power of SWIFT, Western Union, and Visa / Mastercard without the overhead and at lower fees, while still complying to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.


What WinstantPay offers:

  • An instant exchange between digital currencies, including crypto and fiat currencies
  • Instant global and local payments facilitated by various means, including QR codes, NFC and messaging
  • Merchant solutions for accelerating sales, paying suppliers, receiving payments
  • A Correspondent network of banks and financial institutions
Herve Lacorne President & CEO of WorldKYC and Chief Innovative Officer of WinstantPay
Connect with Herve Lacorne via LinkedInCLICK HERE

OKEX is The World’s Leading One-Stop Cryptocurrency Exchange,
they are the most trusted digital asset exchange.

What OKEX offers:

  • OKEX has a global team of top security experts, providing bank-level protection for your assets.
  • OKEX has the widest range of trading lines in the industry to meet your diverse trading needs.
  • OKEX has trading support in more than 113 countries.
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Kim Fuentez Head of Marketing and Business Development of OKEX
Connect with Kim Fuentez via LinkedIn: CLICK HERE

StemFlux aims to seek solutions to common and compounded medical conditions with cellular dynamics as a key to tuning function down to the epigenetic level of the cell nucleus. Cells used for a quantum cellular healing effect that in-kind balances organ function, using cellular chemotactic and homeostatic signals to unravel the mysteries of increasing that rate of cellular healing, organ function and to reduce aging.

What StemFlux offers:

  • Reverse the progression of diseases.
  • Promote cellular repair and regeneration.
  • Improve patient health and body function
  • Reduce medical costs for patients, institutions, and governments.
  • Becoming “treatment of choice” for patients with terminal and chronic diseases.


Felix Chau of StemFlux

FLASH provides secure services, Utility core coin value with a controlled volatility, high potential advertising solution powered by blockchain and a unique Data retribution services, free remittance services, instant wire transfer, and exchanger’s service with the lowest cost in the market.

FLASH technology combines regular financial services and blockchain-powered finance technology to bring users an efficient solution and empowerment in their daily financial transactions.

What FLASH offers:

  • Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero-confirmation transactions called SwiftTX.
  • Decentralized blockchain voting providing for consensus-based advancement of the current Masternode technology used to secure the network and provide the above features, each Masternode is secured with collateral of 10K OZTG.
  • Fully licensed wallet to send money, shop online, receive money and speculate on currency markets.
  • The Flashcare foundation has been set up to make natural health solutions accessible to the most disadvantaged population.
  • Flashcom was born of a simple idea: to gather enthusiasts who excel in their respective fields, to create a whole new type of Digital agency where creativity is the main focus of development.
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DIC | InDex Chain launched by the HephZibah Foundation in Singapore, InDex’s mission is to establish a next-generation decentralized open financial infrastructure for DeFi market participants. Built for decentralized financial service providers, DeFi projects, distributed application services and ecosystems.

What InDex offers:

  • InDex is an open, combinable, intelligent multi-chain platform.
  • DIC, used to pay for transaction costs. At the same time, all digital tokens issued on InDex can be exchanged and traded seamlessly using DIC as a carrier through atomic swap technology.
  • The SuperNode operator mortgages DIC and helps InDex build and maintain a decentralized blockchain network that earns equity revenue by running nodes and verifying chain communication.
  • DIC is your vote, participate in voting and express your opinion on how the InDex network should operate. Implementing DIC holders’ community governance of the network is the core goal of InDex.
  • Any service provider in the network can accept DIC as a settlement method. Node build providers, auditors, licensors, marketing agencies, developers, and any other network participants can choose to accept DIC in exchange for their services.
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Speakers and Panelists:

  • Felix Chau – StemFlux
  • Herve Lacorne–  President and CEO of World KYC & CIO of Winstantpay
  • Kim Fuentez – Head of Marketing and Business Development at OKEx
  • Atty. Edsel Tupaz – Partner at Goricetta Africa Cauton and Saavedra
  • Thomas Schibli – Blockchain Advisor
  • Luis Buenaventura – Co-Founder at BloomX
  • Jake Villanueva – Head of Partnership and External Affairs at Zybitech
  • Isabel Laurel – Certified Affiliate Marketer & BTSE Director of Public Relations
  • Elixes Becislao – COO of C Estates
  • Mike David – Virtual Currency Business Officer at CEZA
  • Efren Tercias – Blockchain Enthusiast and Stakeholder at DDKoin
  • Christina Gallado – Technical Project Manager at ConsenSys and Founder of BlockJuan
  • Jay Demafeliz – Blockchain Visionary, Game Corp
  • Tracy Li – Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect / Blockdevs Asia & Token News
  • Ardy Mejorada – Executive Director of GBARF
  • Emmanuel Deiparine – Cryptocurrency trader and Head of Mindcraft Manila
  • Gail Cruz-Macapagal – Country Manager of DynaQuest
  • Irvin Htay Myint – Investment Committee at
  • Emerson Fonseca – CCO of Paylance
  • Allan Jay Dumanhug – CTO/CISO of Secuna

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