Hypd Review
‘Hypd’ – An Ambassador Platform For Fans | Review
January 6, 2020
Hypd Review
‘Hypd’ – An Ambassador Platform For Fans | Review
January 6, 2020


Hypd is an ambassador marketing software that allows brands to give their fans tasks to complete in exchange for rewards.


Hypd is the easiest ambassador software that lets brands reward their fans for having them share their passion with their friends, where fans promote their favorite brands by recommending products to their friends and by sharing or creating content on their social media in exchange for exclusive brand-related rewards. The symbol of Hypd is ‘HYPD’, and the price of 1 HYPD is $0.75.

Check out a review video on Hypd by Mohd Shoaib, the CEO of Digital Notice

In fact, fans get invited or apply from within the Hypd app and can perform actions that were defined by the brand. However, Hypd tracks all performed actions and rewards the ambassadors with points that can be exchanged for brand-related rewards set by the brand such as exclusive experiences like meet and greets, limited merchandise or coupons.

Hypd allows brands to convert their own fan base to nano-influencers achieving better results at a lower cost. This is achieved by the circumvention of reach limitation professional bloggers and fan pages, which are subjected to as well the higher trust through genuine recommendations achieving conversion rates 400% higher than conventional ads.

It also allows band owners and ambassadors alike to remain in total control over the campaign while always staying up to date on the status of all going-on.


Hypd was founded in 2016 by Florian Eckelmann, Siamak Ghofrani and Farooq Haider in Germany. It was formerly known as ‘Ticketrunner’ for some reasons to collect as many well designed exclusive rewards as possible.

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Florian Eckelmann stated:

“We really couldn’t be more excited to reward the passion of true fans while pushing awesome brands. Together with a team of 15 people we are giving brands the tools to make marketing authentic and effective again.”

Farooq Haider stated:

“In 2011 we birthed a concept called NEONSPLASH Paint-Party® that sent us on a wonderful journey covering our guests in liquid neon paint to the sound of high quality Electronic Dance Music. Over the next 4 years we played 250 shows in the finest venues in over 60 cities across Europe including an Ibiza Residency Privilege. This is where we experienced the power of word of mouth first hand which we managed to automate at scale with Hypd.”

Team and Advisors

  1. Florian Eckelmann – Co-Founder and CEO
  2. Siamak Ghofrani – Co-Founder and President
  3. Farooq Haider  – Co-Founder and CTO
  4. Fabian Thylmann – Technology Expert & Strategic Investor
  5. Ahmed Aslam – Senior Software Engineer
  6. Markus Kaschke – Chief Financial Officer
  7. Matthias Kaschke – Head of Legal
  8. Remco van den Born – Head of Sales Benelux
  9. André Saad – Designer
  10. Tara Courtney – Account Manager
  11. Lea Karwinski – Community Manager
  12. Valentin Rahmel – Gaming Advisor
  13. Dennis Weidner – Blockchain Advisor & Founder Paranoid Internet

What Is HYPD Token?

The cryptocurrency of Hypd is HYPD Token. It uses a Security Token Offering (STO) to raise money to accelerate growth and provide financial benefits to their investors/token holders.

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Actually, the HYPD token is an ERC-20 security token, where ERC-20 gives a common list of rules for security tokens to follow within the ecosystem. It is created specifically to create a passive income flow for its holders and to constantly grow. 

Check out an official video of Hypd on “Fans promoting their favourite Brands”

The token is based on several factors such as passive income, tradability, limited supply, reinvestment regime, and an ROI business model. Tokens are tradable and the company aims to list their token on all major exchanges that support security tokens. The value of the token is supported by the software and only a limited number of tokens will be issued during the ICO.

To increase the growth of the company, 30% of all profits will be reinserted into the company, while the remaining 70% will be distributed as dividends to token holders.

We can say that Hypd is already providing services to more than 100 brand customers, and has a continually growing database of 25k ambassadors as of Q3 2018 who are promoting their favorite brands using the platform. Hypd is also considered as a service (SaaS), with no limit to scalability.

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Hypd Dashboard

The great thing about Hypd is that it has two different dashboards. The one for ambassadors and the other for brands.

The brand dashboard allows companies to establish their campaign and closely monitor their results while the other dashboard can be used by ambassadors to gather points, submit their activities and retrieve points for brand associated awards.

Check out the official tweet from the official account of Hypd

Brands And Fans

For brands, Hypd boost reaches sales and loyalty; and for fans, it earns exclusive rewards, such as meets and greets or limited editions.

Aims And Objectives Of The Platform

  1. Enjoy the benefits of ambassador software: You can easily create your own ambassador program, as your fans become your ambassadors, and let them create or share their content online, and send offers to their friends.
  2. Boost organic reach: Your interactions with your ambassadors on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp utilize social reach.
  3. Win new customers: Personal recommendations from ambassadors to their friends result in higher trust and conversions.
  4. Grow brand loyalty: Appreciate your ambassadors with brand-related rewards such as meet & greets or limited editions.
  5. Cut expenses: You can build a highly effective marketing & sales channel owned and controlled by you.

Football Clubs Engage In Ambassador Marketing

It has been analyzed that football clubs might receive a lot of money from centralized institutions and sponsoring, but at the end of the day, it is the emotional connection to its fans which drives innovation and success. That’s why it is important for every football club to heavily invest in acquiring more and more fans.

With the help of Hypd, football clubs can fully engage in ambassador-platform marketing, such as selling tickets, merchandise and memberships, fan engagement and much more.


Thus, we can say that Hypd tracks all performed actions and rewards the ambassadors with points that can be exchanged for brand-related rewards, which set by the brand such as exclusive experiences like meet and greets, limited merchandise or coupons.

Florian Eckelmann concluded:

“It might sound cheesy, but ultimately we want to do everything to empower the magical relationship between fans and brands. ”

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