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1997’s Teletubbies Tweet With a #Bitcoin

A tweet that happened to garner a huge interest among the Twitterati and has made the Teletubbies fanbase perplexed, generating excitement at the same time. Teletubbies on March 31 tweeted with #Bitcoin leaving the netizens along with crypto individuals guessing on the 1997 series’ next move.

The 1997 British children’s television series is however giving an inkling that the lovely characters might be the recent entrant to dip their toes in the crypto world.

On 31 March, the official Teletubbies Twitter account posted a message with the hashtag “Bitcoin,” with the caption: “Eh-Oh…what could the Teletubbies be possibly hiding from us? Stay tuned for something BIG this week.”, giving a mysterious end with #Bitcoin. Two of the characters, Tinky Winky and Po, appeared with laser eyes next to a question mark.

Eh-Oh…what could the Teletubbies be possibly hiding from us? Stay tuned for something BIG this week. 🚀 #Bitcoin — Teletubbies (@TeletubbiesHQ) March 31, 2021

There is a possibility that the show might educate the masses on the crypto world as last month, ‘Lily’s Show‘ went semi-viral in the crypto space after Lily posted a video explaining the limited supply of Bitcoin (BTC) using Skittles candy, and other toys.

#Bitcoin explained by a 3 year old 🙃 — Lily’s Show (@LilyKnightShow) February 15, 2021

As the pictures of the characters edited with laser indicate a symbol of adoption and general bullish sentiment, which is quite prominent among the crypto members.

The announcement comes as the show celebrates its 24th anniversary. The users, however, are in speculation that the show might be playing a prank as the Twitter post was done a day before April Fool’s Day. Later, Twitteratti and the crypto enthusiasts came up with crypto-themed puns, pitching names of characters that seems to align with the crypto space.

One of the Teletubbies is Satoshi Nakamoto? — The Chairman (@WSBChairman) March 31, 2021

“Tinky Winky was really Tyler Winklevoss all along”, said Twitter user #Stonkalos.

Tinky Winky was really Tyler Winklevoss all along @tyler @cameron $BTC #Bitcoin #Stonkalos (@MDcoach21) March 31, 2021

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