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4 NFT DApps Exhibiting Booming Sales Drawing $9M In A Day

4 NFT DApps Exhibited Booming Sales Drawing $9M In A Day, NFTs are showing signs of acceleration.

According to decentralized application data aggregator DappRadar, 4 NFT DApps namely NBA Top Shot, CryptoPunks, Sorare and Mooncats exhibited more than $9 million worth of secondary NFT sales in a day, with 10-largest DApps’ daily volume equating to roughly $12 million at the time of publication.

NBA Top Shot ranked the highest NFT DApp by all metrics, drawing $5.54 M in trading volume with 31,690 traders with 38,124 transactions over a 24h period. Ranking poorly by 83 users executing 63 trades, CryptoPunks ranks second with $3.57 M in trading volume. Football game Sorare ranks third by trade volume of $1.29M. The platform also ranks second by traders with 2393, along with being second again with 3735 transactions bringing about in a day. Similarly, the recently discovered Mooncats ranks fourth by daily volume with $676.23K, ranks seventh by users with 379, and eighth by total trade count with 376. Rarible ranking in at fifth position by trading volume with $586.06K, fourth by users with 1112, and fifth by transactions with 965. The data accumulated from the DAppRadar explicitly discloses one noteworthy thing by showing that sporting collectibles are apparently surging in popularity, with NBA Top Shot and Sorare’s 34,083 users driving $6.83 million worth of trade in the past 24 hours.

While setting a new record for the value of single token trading on the platform, on March 14, Sorare announced one distinguishable NFT. The NFT represented star player Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus F.C., that traded hands for nearly $290,000,

The sale happened to beat NBA Top Shot’s previous record NFT sale, with a token representing Los Angeles Lakers’ Lebron James that was sold for $208,000 on Feb. 23.

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