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AI Chatbot Is All Crypto Twitter Needs To Create Trading Bots: Reports

Report said that the crypto community appears to be having a ball with ChatGPT, a recently launched Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot created by research company OpenAI, using it for a multitude of applications including a trading bot, a crypto blog and even an original song.

It has been reported that the bot is a language interface tool that OpenAI says can interact “in a conversational way” and can be used to answer questions or assist in making almost anything it’s prompted to create, with some limitations.

However, a user on Twitter posted their interaction with ChatGPT showing that from a simple prompt the tool created a basic trading bot using Pine Script, a programming language used for the financial software TradingView.

The report said that another user gave the bot instructions to create a trading terminal, with ChatGPT writing code that could display the current orders for the Bitcoin and Tether trading pair on Binance utilizing the crypto exchange’s application programming interface (API).

Crypto Twitter has not only utilized the AI tool for technical purposes but also for more creative and even business endeavors. ChatGPT responded with a five-part answer when asked by one user what the blockchain industry needs to do “in order to positively affect society,” Twitter user “Goose Wayne” opined the bot “can write your crypto investment thesis now.”

Thus, the co-founder of investment firm Multicoin Capital, Kyle Samani, tweeted his results on asking ChatGPT to write a blog post on how crypto payments will grow in the future, the tool responded with a multi-paragraph article.

Source: Cointelegraph



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