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Alchemy Notify Goes Live, Bringing Notifications To Blockchain Apps

Blockchain development platform, Alchemy is going live with Alchemy Notify.

Alchemy Notify is a push notification for developers that could end to repeated refreshing of block explorers while waiting for confirmation of transaction.

Excited to announce Alchemy Notify – bringing notifications to blockchain apps! ⚡️ In 2020, app notifications are crucial for a great user experience. Now developers can enable notifications for blockchain products with just a few lines of code! 🚀 — Alchemy (@AlchemyPlatform) June 8, 2020

User-experience is one of the most scorned aspects of the crypto industry.

Critics claims that the complicated nature of transactions, and the time taken for blockchain protocols to finalize them, signifies that cryptocurrency could never find mainstream adoption.

Kosala Hemachandra of MyEtherWallet explained that:

“Push notifications are an indispensable part of enabling the UX that users demand,” and continued that they are “critical to the whole dApp ecosystem thriving.”

Alchemy’s CEO Nikil Viswanathan adds:

“Creating simple and understandable products accessible to the average user is key to the success of the blockchain industry. At Alchemy, we’re obsessively focused on providing developers the capabilities they need to create these intuitive user experiences.”

Alchemy cites a study by research firm Airship, analyzing data from 63 million app users to understand how they interacted with applications.

Users receiving a notification within the first 90 days of installing an app were almost 300% more likely to continue to use the app.

Meanwhile, daily notifications resulted in 820% higher retention rates.

The retention for daily notification recipients was 460% higher than for those who received nothing.

Viswanathan believe that this research proves crypto users will stay more engaged with dApps and apps that offer the service.

Alchemy CTO Joe Lau says:

“From hundreds of conversations with developers, we realized that this fundamental building block of great user experiences was a huge pain point.”

Lau added:

“Alchemy Notify was created to enable blockchain products to be as simple and easy to use as traditional web / mobile applications. That’s the core of Alchemy: listening to our customers and giving them the powerful building blocks they need to build great products.”

Alchemy’s developer platform powers blockchain infrastructure for leading teams such as CryptoKitties, OpenSea, Kyber, 0x, Binance Wallet, Gods Unchained, Opera, and Maker.

The company has been supported by Pantera Capital, Coinbase, and Stanford University.

It counts entrepreneurs such as Charles Schwab, actor Will Smith, Alphabet chairman John Hennessy and musician Jay Z among its investors.


Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Unsplash

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