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Algorand Creates Blockchain-Based Global Survey On Coronavirus

Proof-of-stake cryptocurrency platform Algorand has created a global survey intended to compile an open database on the spread, status, and symptoms of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On March 27, the company tweeted that its ‘IReportCovid’ survey app will contribute to a global data repository that updates in real-time to inform about pandemic relief efforts.

We have created a worldwide, open data repository, for people to share their #COVID19 status (even if they don't have symptoms). Fill out the short survey and help spread the word: @Algorand #blockchain — Algorand Foundation (@AlgoFoundation) March 26, 2020

In a blog post, Algorand states the initiative seeks to address the lack of real-time data about the pandemic coming from individuals in the community.

Survey responses are publicly posted to the Algorand blockchain to allow permanent open access to the data. Respondents are not able to change or remove the information that they share and are encouraged to repeatedly update their answers as their condition changes.

As such, individuals who do not have the virus are encouraged to participate and update their answers if their status changes.

The survey asks for basic information such as:

  1. Age

  2. Gender

  3. Location

In addition to confirming if respondents have exhibited or been tested or treated for COVID-19, and whether they have entered into self-isolation.

Algorand will publish aggregate statistics and launch tools for analyzing the database as data is compiled from the survey.

Dr. Tal Rabin, the head of research at the Algorand Foundation, emphasizes that “the need for information is one of the key requirements in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.” while adding:

“Very little information is coming directly from the people in the community. I hope more people in the world will respond to the questionnaires in our app so that we can gather meaningful information.”

Algorand’s survey comes amid an increasing number of coronavirus relief campaigns engineered by major players within cryptocurrency.




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