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Alo Yoga Makes Its Debut In NFT Space With “Digital Twins” Free Mints

Alo Yoga, the top athleisure clothing brand, makes its debut in the nonfungible token (NFT) space with “Digital Twins” Free mints.

It has been reported that the free digital collectibles are available for buyers of its 2022 Aspen collection. The Digital Twin NFT will reflect the digital fashion piece for each of its real-world units.

However, Alo Yoga released its Aspen line last autumn and is now entering web3 with its “Digital Twin” NFTs. The Aspen collection is the brand’s most expensive clothing line to date. So, by pairing the exclusive clothes with their digital twins, the brand unlocks IRL perks for buyers of the collection. The perks include real-life experiences and support across its workouts and styling divisions.

The report said that the Aspen collection by Alo Yoga sold out within a month of launch at New York Fashion Week on September 2022. The latest NFT campaign by the brand aims to integrate, expand, and fully digitize its loyalty program. Buyers of the 17-piece Aspen collection will receive emails linking out to a microsite where they can collect their NFTs. To clarify, the digital collectibles are rotating 3D renders and a certificate of authenticity.

Angelic Vendette, the CMO of Alo Yoga, said:

“All of this is exclusive, invite-only to our community. We’re not using [NFT] language. We’re using ‘digital certificate of authenticity’ so it feels natural to our community.”

Likewise, some of the rewards for the NFTs include unlocking real-life experiences across Alo Houses, such as fashion week access, personal training sessions at Alo Wellness Club’s (Beverly Hills, Soho, New York, and an upcoming one in Miami). The NFT also grants access to a private client manager for personal shopping and styling.

The digital collectibles are created in partnership with Digital Twin Studios, a leading blockchain tech company for brands and businesses. The brand aims to onboard Alo’s massive web2 community into web3 in a simple way without having them deal with web3 jargon and the overarching technologies.

Thus, Natalie Soto-Wright, the co-founder of Digital Twin Studios, said:

It enables a mass onboarding of consumers to start to enter the space in ways that aren’t confusing. It allows clients to focus on the fun part, more than “just the digital twin.”

Source: NFT Evening




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