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Amazon Is Ready To Sell NFTs On Its Website

Amazon, the American e-commerce giant, is getting ready to sell nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on its website.

It has been reported that after months of development, and some delays, the world leader in e-commerce will launch its NFTs platform. According to the information, it will be online on April 24.

However, the platform, whose existence was revealed by Blockworks in January, will be available on the site of the American giant via a tab "Amazon Digital Marketplace." This tab will only be available in the United States at first. The platform will gradually be opened to the rest of the world, including Europe.

The report said that the launch of Amazon Digital Marketplace has been postponed twice in recent weeks due to the collapse of FTX. April 24 now seems to be the date, barring any new exceptional event.

In Jan, Amazon announced the launch of “digital assets enterprise” that enters the NFT space.

Thus, Amazon’s focus on the web3 worlds seems to be growing, with exciting news as Amazon entered more than one industry in previous years. Amazon’s NFT initiative needs to be define later on, but it will reportedly be a “digital assets enterprise.” The focus of the initiative is expected to be on blockchain-based gaming that rewards players with NFTs.

Source: The Big Whale


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