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AR Crypto Game Promotes On Social Distancing

Triffic, a free augmented reality game which rewards players with cryptocurrency, is doing their part to promote social distancing among their user base.

On March 26, the startup announced on twitter that beta users can now collect limited indoor special items, such as toilet rolls, hand sanitizers, and facemasks. By participating, users could help raise money to help fight COVID-19.

#Triffic is raising up to $10,000 for COVID-19 Response by donating #GPSTokens every time a beta user collects an #AugmentedReality #toiletroll, #handsanitizer or #facemask. More info on how you can help raise funds at – please retweet to spread the word! — Triffic App (@trifficworld) March 26, 2020

The company explained that:

“Triffic is raising up to $10,000 for COVID-19 Response by donating GPSTokens every time a beta user collects an AugmentedReality, toilet roll, hand sanitizer or #facemask.”

Triffic told that its business model is based on the ability of their users to move freely and collect beacons. With many people on lockdown, they decided to implement this idea as a way to help raise social awareness.

The company’s goal is to donate to an important cause while promoting the beta test of their game at the same time.

The team added that:

“Who wouldn’t want to collect virtual toilet papers instead of Pokemons, right?”

Other companies are doing their part as well. Rather than postpone the date of their conference, Crypto Asia Summit announced that they would be moving their event online.

The summit invited 30 plus speakers to contribute to the gathering. Each speaker will have their own page for people to access online.




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