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Argentine Grand Lodge Of Free And Accepted Masons Jump Into NFTs

Reports said that the Argentine Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons is jumping into nonfungible tokens (NFTs), as the secretive society is releasing 77 digital art NFTs under the name CryptoMasons, with profits going back to local charities supported by the chapter.

It has been reported that it is the first official NFT project supported by a local Grand Lodge. A Masonic Grand Lodge is the governing entity of a given fraternal freemasons group in a specific region. While this project comes from an Argentinian branch, there are hundreds in existence around the globe.

However, the collection contains esoteric images related to Masonic history and lore, such as black and white checkered floors and the infamous square and compass symbol. Even the specific number of 77 NFTs available correlates to a numeral significant within occultist traditions and spirituality.

The report said that behind this collection are the Lodge’s philanthropic intentions, which give part of the funds back to local charities. The website for the collection claims the organization is using this collection, in part, to “raise philanthropy to a new and unprecedented scale in the history of the institution."

Likewise, this is yet another NFT collection using the combination of Web3 technology and utility for philanthropy. Digital assets are being used for things like raising funds for victims of the conflict in Ukraine to micro-donations patronage for classical music. Profits from the sale of CryptoMason NFTs will go toward a local orphanage, a professional development center for youth, and an immigration rights center in Argentina.

This development in Argentina comes as the country continues its crypto adoption. On August 24, the country’s Mendoza province began accepting crypto for taxes and administrative fees. A month prior Binance and Mastercard announced a launch of prepaid crypto cards in Argentina.

Thus, according to survey data from Triple-A, around 5.18% of Argentina’s population own a type of cryptocurrency, which is over 2.4 million people.

Source: Cointelegraph



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