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Balmain Partners With Space Runners To Introduce Futuristic Footwear Collection

Balmain, the luxury fashion house, has partnered with Space Runners to introduce a futuristic and avant-garde footwear collection featuring the Unicorn sneaker model.

It has been reported that this new sneaker line comes complete with phygital nonfungible token (NFT) collectibles attached to the sneakers.

However, this groundbreaking collaboration results in the development of several NFT versions of Balmain’s signature sneaker, each with a redeemable code that unlocks a physical pair for the consumer.

The report said that the Unicorn Phygital Wearable Collection, launched on March 21, is a limited edition collection featuring 130 Unicorn sneaker NFTs, each bundled with a matching real-life counterpart. The collection boasts five unique sneaker designs within the Unicorn bundles, with prices ranging between $1595 to $2095.

Likewise, the collection is in partnership with Space Runners NFT, a digital fashion company supported by industry giants. These include Pantera, Polychain, and also Animoca Brands’ Yat Siu. Balmain has crafted Ethereum-based NFTs that unite high fashion with digital artistry.

While Balmain’s Unicorn NFTs are not yet compatible with any metaverse gaming platforms, they will soon be wearable in Space Runners’ exclusive, closed-loop metaverse set to launch by year-end. This metaverse also emphasizes commerce over experiential gaming.

Balmain Unicorn NFT holders receive exclusive perks. Some of which are early access to upcoming Balmain releases, exclusive products, and additional digital wearables for online games and metaverse platforms. Moreover, these tangible benefits act as incentives to attract the crypto-cautious to the digital fashion world.

Rohan Chhabra, the Creative Director of Space Runners, views the fusion of rare physical sneakers and traditional perks as a vital entry point for Web2 and Web 2.5 customers. It drives the digital fashion industry toward mainstream adoption by bridging the gap between physical and digital realms.

This release also marks a significant milestone in the transformation of fashion. The collaboration comes at a time in which luxury brands are increasingly exploring digital spaces for new engagement methods.

Thus, Balmain’s Unicorn NFT sneakers drop showcase the growing intersection of fashion, technology, and the metaverse. So, as the future of fashion continues to go web3, more luxury fashion houses are likely to follow Balmain’s lead. With the Unicorn Phygital Wearable Collection, Balmain has paved the way for a new era. An era of forward-thinking fashion that blends high exclusivity with the endless potential of the Metaverse.

Source: NFT Evening




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