Bank of Korea Looks For A Tech Supplier To Design Pilot Platform

Bank of Korea (BoK), the central bank of South Korea, has announced that it is moving forward with its national digital currency plans as it now looks for a technology supplier to design a pilot platform for the digital won.

It has been reported that it launched a bidding process to choose a tech partner for studying the practicalities of launching a central bank digital currency in a test environment.

The BoK said:

“The share of cash transactions is decreasing significantly. The steps we are taking now are to prepare for the changes in the payment settlement system, changing rapidly.”

However, the BoK’s pilot CBDC platform will contain simulations of commercial banks and retail outlets, test payments via mobile phones, fund transfers, and deposits. The pilot program is scheduled to run from August to December 2021 and could potentially be extended into next year.

CBDCs are more mainstream than ever, and each country wants its own. This time, it’s the Bank of Korea teaming up with a tech company to build a digital currency. — Cointelegraph (@Cointelegraph) May 24, 2021

The report said that the bank published a CBDC-related book in February, announcing plans to test the distribution of a digital won and outlining the legal challenges associated with a state digital currency. 

In March, major South Korean commercial bank Shinhan Bank developed a blockchain-based pilot platform for a CBDC in partnership with LG Corporation’s IT services arm, LG CNS.

Thus, the bank said it was willing to collaborate with the BoK on developing a national digital currency.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Pulse News


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