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Bart Baker To Release 8 NFTs With DeFine Art

Bart Baker, a social media influencer is set to release 8 NFTs with DeFine Art. The NFT craze is about to expand in Asia as one of the native social media influencers is about to tokenize his creation. A prominent American social media influencer in China, Bart Baker, is releasing NFTs, in collaboration with DeFine Art.

Bart, with a 24 million fanbase will put eight unique NFTs into the auction, as part of the collaboration. An NFT by the name, Bart Baker Experience’s winner will be given a golden opportunity to make a video with Bart which will be further minted into an NFT, and the video will be circulated on the social media platforms. The rest 7 will be Bart’s prominent videos.

With the collaboration of DeFineArt and the massive demand of NFTs, Bart said:

NFTs are gaining massive adoption in western markets, but have not yet gained meaningful traction in Asia. With this NFT drop in partnership with DeFine Art, not only do I want to change that but also do it in an innovative way by launching the first video in NFT form.

DeFine Art said:

The partnership with prominent Asia influencer Bart Baker could be the early signal of an Asia NFT boom that has emerged in the West.

Bart’s path to fame was initially on Youtube, where he made videos of pop songs with a comic effect. But being removed from the Google Preferred program heavily impacted his earnings and view rates, due to which Bart left Youtube three years ago. Since then, he has been making content for Chinese social media platforms, like Kwai and Douyin.

DeFine Art, branding itself as Asia’s first NFT platform, focuses on the trading of digital art, music, videos, gaming, and other collectibles. It officially launched earlier this month. With an objective to establish an NFT ecosystem in Asia, at a time, when the community seems highly intrigued by digital art and collectibles.

Source: Cointelegraph



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