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Baseline Protocol Integrates Google Spreadsheets And Microsoft 365

The Baseline Protocol has launched integrations for Google Sheets and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The new functions will allow maintenance of verifiably consistent records using a spreadsheet in conjunction with an enterprise resource planning solution.

Baseline published a proof-of-concept on June 8:

It demonstrated “baselining” of spreadsheet data to verify that multiple independent private databases hold the same records.

Basically, to verify that records held by separate entities’ databases were verifiably identical while allowing company information to “remain in traditional company databases.”

The initiative was developed and executed in collaboration with blockchain solutions firms LimeChain and Provide.

Breakthrough! Limechain and Provide have developed a demo showcasing how big businesses’ ERPs like Dynamics 365 can stay in sync with #Google Sheets through the power of the public @ethereum mainnet using the @baselineproto. — LimeChain – Blockchain & DLT Solutions (@LimeChainHQ) June 9, 2020

The execution proved that Baseline Protocol can be utilized by both large and small companies, including “those that don’t rely on complex information systems to manage their records.”

The proof demonstrated that baselining technique does not necessitate that data is stored on a blockchain but instead using distributed ledger technology to “enforce the consistency of the separate records.”

Baselining uses the Ethereum mainnet as middleware for data verification without sensitive or unwanted information made public on the network:

“Using this and the Google Sheets API, the team was able to connect the spreadsheet with any other ‘baselined’ system and ensure consistency on a record-by-record, row-by-row basis.”

LimeChain co-founder George Spasov said:

“Our insight was that many smaller companies still use spreadsheets to keep track of their contracts and purchase orders..With the help of Provide we figured out how to baseline a row in a spreadsheet with a record in a much more sophisticated system like Microsoft’s Dynamics 365.”

ConsenSys developer and Baseline Protocol co-founder John Wolpert described:

“Instead of a single point of truth being one big database full of everybody’s information — which is a terrible idea, certainly for business […] it would be a good idea if we used [the blockchain’s] abilities in data and business process execution and a state service to maintain consistency between databases.”

Wolpert noted that the Sheets and 365 integrations were the product of grassroots and decentralization development from companies participating in the Baseline community (independent from Microsoft, EY, ConsenSys or Google).

Baseline Protocol was launched in March, developed through collaboration between Microsoft, EY and ConsenSys.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Pexels



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