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Best Selling Book ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ Turned Into Movie Adaptation

Stampede Ventures, a production company owned by ex-Warner Bros. president Greg Silverman has partnered with Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss to produce a movie from the best-selling book Bitcoin Billionaires.

On June 8. Deadline reported that Silverman will be co-producing the movie along with Jon Berg (known for works such as- Wonder WomanAquaman).

Stampede Ventures Teams With Winklevoss Twins To Adapt Ben Mezrich’s ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ — Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) June 8, 2020

Bitcoin Billionaires is a best-selling non-fiction book written by Ben Mezrich in 2019 after the Winklevoss twins became crypto billionaires.

The Winklevoss twins came into the limelight following Mezrich’s other best-selling book “The Accidental BIllionaire.” The book served as an inspiration for the Oscar-winning film The Social Network

The plot revolved around the brothers’ legal battle with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to claim their rights over the social media giant, which was originally their idea.

A court ruling later awarded the Winkelvoss twins a $65 million settlement for their claims.

The Social Network released in 2010 and Facebook's 2012 IPO was the largest in history. #bitcoin was traded for $9700 the day this film was announced, how much will 1 BTC be worth when it releases? Bitcoin Billionaires is the next book I'm reading — Raúl A. (@RaulTweet) June 9, 2020

Bitcoin Billionaires continues the Winklevoss’ journey from winning the lawsuit in June 2011 to investing $11 million in Bitcoin (BTC) in 2013 while becoming the world’s first crypto billionaires.

Silverman said that the idea for making the film came to him right after he finished reading the book along with his son, who received an early copy from the twins during his internship at Winklevoss Capital:

“Upon finishing it, it was clear to both of us that Cameron and Tyler’s remarkable redemption story, coupled with Ben’s masterful writing, would lend itself to a one of a kind movie.”

Silverman adds:

“This is Rocky II meets Wall Street in a world filled with unique and mesmerizing characters.”

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Pexels



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