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Biconomy Launches Hyphen, an Instant Cross-Chain Transaction Infrastructure

Biconomy (, a multichain relayer network building infrastructure to simplify the web3.0 experience, announced today the launch of its Hyphetime-consuming minutes mainnet. Hyphen enables instant and low-cost token transfers across different blockchains.

Recently, L2s have seen an exponential increase in demand with hundreds of Dapps moving to Polygon to obtain faster transactions & cheaper gas fees. However, the user experience moving into and out of Polygon is complicated, and time consuming. The launch of Hyphen will allow users to make USDC transfers between Ethereum and Polygon, facilitating those transfers in a few seconds, rather than the current 30 minute to hours it currently takes.

Sachin Tomar, CTO of Biconomy, said:

“On average, to transfer funds from Layer2 to Layer1 blockchains, it can take anywhere from 40-min to 7-days for users to receive their funds. More specifically, it currently takes around 40-50 min to get ERC20 tokens from the Polygon Network to Ethereum via their native bridge. This results in weakened network effects, low composability, and an overall more difficult experience for the end-user. Hyphen solves that problem.”

Hyphen enables developers to offer instantaneous value transfers between EVM chains, various L2s, and sidechains. It also enables quick onboarding from L1 to L2s, further solving the scaling and congestion issues on Ethereum. It is a superhighway network that connects L2 communities while expediting network effects and increasing composability and interoperability. By maintaining and rebalancing token liquidity on both sides of the chain and instantly transferring tokens on the second chain after accepting tokens on the first chain, it is able to provide cheaper and instant transfer of funds across blockchain ecosystems.

Tomar continued:

“It is evident that the future of web3.0 will be multichain but ETH2.0 alone cannot onboard the next billion users. For a multichain future to become a reality, L1s, sidechains, & various scaling solutions need to be seamlessly integrated removing any friction for the end-user. Hyphen provides the instant and seamless bridge structure that will provide the infrastructure for a collaborative and connected web3.0.”

The Hyphen mainnet launch comes on the heels of an exceptional year, in which Biconomy announced a $9M private funding round led by DACM and Mecconsuming minuteshanism Capital, the upcoming launch of its native token $BICO, and its expansion to support over 30+ Dapps.

About Biconomy

Biconomy is a multichain relayer infrastructure network and transaction platform that enables Web3.0 developers to easily build applications. It reduces the friction between blockchain-based applications and end-users. Their relayer network is made up of a collection of software development kits (SDKs) and APIs designed to make DeFi more accessible and understandable for everyone, regardless of their knowledge and experience. Biconomy can be integrated with dApps and digital wallets, and it is both platform and blockchain agnostic.

To learn more about Biconomy please visit:

Media Contact:

Susan Joseph | Head of PR and Marketing | 9900029191

Alina Ahmad | Marketing and PR Associate | 8826380775



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