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Binance CEO Announces Launch Of New NFT Platform Infused With AI

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, has announced the launch of a new nonfungible token (NFT) platform infused with artificial intelligence (AI).

It has been reported that the AI-centric product is named Bicasso, and CZ said the beta version dropped yesterday and was limited to 10,000 mints. AI has been popular in 2023, with Openai’s platform Chatgpt, also known as GPT-3, making headlines, and artists using AI-centric art programs such as Nightcafe, DALL-E, Starry AI, Jasper, and Deep AI.

However, on March 1, CZ announced a new platform called Bicasso that combines AI and NFT technology.

CZ said:

“Here’s a fun new Binance AI product called Bicasso. You can turn your creative visions into NFTs with AI. Give it a try and show me what you make with it. Beta version live now, limited to 10k mints.”

The report said that similar to several AI-infused art programs, Bicasso allows users to enter descriptive prompts for the AI to leverage. Additionally, people can upload pictures of a person, animal, or landscape to mix in with the photo creations.

In CZ’s Twitter thread, users shared their AI creations with the Binance CEO, while others received an error message stating that the system was busy and to try again. “The team’s on it. The AI is busy,” responded the Binance executive.

Thus, since Binance announced the new AI-focused NFT maker, a message now states that the product test is closed. Users who are interested in using Binance’s Bicasso product can now join a waitlist. “Seems like I missed it,” one user wrote to CZ two hours after the Binance CEO announced the product test.




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