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Binance DEX Adds BNB/ETH Trading Pairs

Crypto exchange Binance has added Binance Coin/Ether (BNB/ETH) trading pair on its decentralized exchange- Binance DEX.

On Dec. 24 the Binance made an official announcement on its blog post.

#Binance DEX Adds BNB/ETH Trading Pair — Binance DEX (@Binance_DEX) December 24, 2019

ETH BEP2 Tokens Will Be Issued On Binance Chain

An initial proposal was posted on the Binance community website prior to a week before the official announcement by the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, popularly known as CZ.

ETH BEP2 tokens will be issued on Binance Chain, pegged to and backed 1:1 by ETH assets held in a publicly disclosed reserve address.

Support will be provided by Binance for the conversion between the native ETH and the Binance Chain equivalent through deposits and withdrawals. This will provide an option for Binance DEX users to trade ETH on the decentralized platform. A project asset page is available on the Binance DEX explorer.


Source: Cointelegraph | Binance


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