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Binance Metaverse Week Offers Up To 50K BUSD To Its Course Participants

Binance Academy Metaverse Study Week is offering up to 50K BUSD to its course participants. Those who complete all six missions can receive a portion of the prize pool from the founders. The course runs between January 12 and 21.

It has been reported that If there’s one thing Web3 newbies need, it’s good-quality educational material. One of the latest initiatives comes from the Binance Academy, as their Metaverse Study Week begins today.

However, their in-depth course focuses on the Metaverse, blockchain games, and crypto-related educational materials open for all students. There are six missions each student must complete to earn prizes in BUSD:

1. Learn the basics of the Metaverse;

2. Read +1 crypto/blockchain article from the Binance Academy per day for five days;

3. Read five crypto/blockchain-related articles from the course’s intermediate level;

4. Read five papers on NFTs, crypto payments, blockchain games integrated in the Metaverse;

The report said that after the course is over, on January 21st, the Binance Academy team will reward users with BUSD vouchers. You can claim your BUSD voucher rewards in the ‘Reward Center’ of the platform. Accordingly, the team will share the vouchers (worth a total of 50K BUSD) within 15 days after the course ends.

Thus, these rewards aim to motivate new people to educate themselves properly before entering the Web3 world. With so many scams around, knowing (at least) the basics is the only way to stay safe.

Source: NFT Evening


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