Binance Partners With Two Japanese Firms ‘Z Corporation’ And ‘Tao Tao’

Binance, the major cryptocurrency exchange, has started discussions regarding a strategic partnership with two Japanese firms, Z Corporation and Tao Tao.

#Binance CEO Says #Compliance Is Key for New #Strategic Partnership in Japan — CN 🚀📫💡 (@_cryptoNole) January 17, 2020

On January 17, it has been reported that Binance has begun negotiations with Z Corporation, a subsidiary of Z Holdings formerly known as Yahoo Japan, and TaoTao, a Japanese licensed cryptocurrency exchange.    

However, the exact details of the partnership have not been revealed as of this moment, but Binance said that Z Corporation and TaoTao would “continue discussions and deliberations with Binance and begin preparation to launch trading services for users in Japan”.

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, commented:

“We are looking forward to our joint efforts with Z Corporation/TaoTao in bringing our services to Japan. Foremost, we want to ensure that we work in full compliance with Japanese laws and regulations where local and global standards function as a key role in establishing sustainable development industry-wide and greater public adoption.” 

Binance noted that all parties in the partnership would work with the agency, stating:

“Through licensing Binance’s cutting-edge technologies, Z Corp and TaoTao will collaborate with the Financial Service Agency to ensure full regulatory compliance in the Japanese market.” 

As yesterday, Binance announced that it will gradually restrict access to residents of Japan.

Thus, currently, Japanese traders still have full access to the platform.

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