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Binance X, Xpring and KUCoin Is the Latest To Join Blockchain Education Alliance

The Blockchain Education Alliance launched by blockchain accelerator MouseBelt gains members such as Binance X, Ripple’s accelerator Xpring, KUCoin, and Mastercard.

On Feb. 11 Ashlie Meredith, the university program director for MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator told that the new members include:

  1. Payment processing behemoth- Mastercard

  2. The innovation arm of major crypto exchange Binance- Binance X

  3. Ripple’s accelerator- Xpring

  4. Cryptocurrency exchange- KuCoin

Awesome to see @Mastercard @BinanceX @Xpring Multi @Kucoincom @NEO_Blockchain @iotex_io @Quantstamp @Conste11ation @Maticnetwork @trufflesuite supporting students through @mouse_belt Blockchain Education Alliance. — MouseBelt (@mouse_belt) February 11, 2020

Smart contract platform NEO, internet-of-things startup IoTeX, blockchain security firm Quantstamp and big data blockchain service Constellation Labs also joined the alliance.

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According to its official website, the Blockchain Education Alliance aims to support education:

“To ensure students receive the skills, connections, and knowledge necessary to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem.” 

At its launch in October 2019, the alliance counted:

  1. Stellar Development Foundation

  2. Tron

  3. Hedera

  4. Icon

  5. Ontology

  6. Wanchain

  7. Harmony One

  8. Nervos

  9. Orbs

  10. LTO Network

  11. Emurgo

  12. Nem

  13. ETC Labs among its members.




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