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Bitcoin-Based NFT Digital Art Piece Sold For 262 Ethers

Right Place & Right Time,” a Bitcoin-based NFT digital art piece, by Matt Kane has been sold for 262 Ethers or more than $100,000 on blockchain platform Async Art.

The NFT artwork is composed of what the platform calls “layers”. Kane’s piece has 24 of these. Each hour’s price programmatically controls rotation, scale, and position of a correlating layer.

Matt Kane, the artwork’s creator, said:

“The Master NFT of Right Place & Right Time was sold to TokenAngels for $101,593. — but happy to call it $100,000”

🔥NEW SALE RECORD🔥 1/4 "Right Place & Right Time" by @MattKaneartist sold for 262 ETH to @TokenAngels! Highest #Cryptoart #NFT sale of the most complex #AsyncArt with 400+ lines of code, 24 hand-crafted Layers, & 100+ hours of labor, this is the #McLaren of #ProgrammableArt — Async Art (@AsyncArt) September 18, 2020

It has been reported that NFT have begun surfacing as artwork, giving the token holder ownership over the art, as “Right Place & Right Time” is an NFT art piece showing a creatively designed image of Bitcoin’s logo. The patterns and overall look change along with Bitcoin’s price action.

However, Kane said that he cannot remember when he actually began creating the art piece. He said:

“I’ve lost track of time in creating it.”

He added:

“My artwork always takes however much or little time that the work demands. The original digital painting was made last November and then I began preparing it to become a programmable artwork on Async Art in January. There’s been countless tweaks and preparations to perfect it’s homecoming to”

Likewise, many artists put their masterpieces on the blockchain via Async Art, while is a place viewers can see Bitcoin art formed from its daily price action.

(1/2) This is one of the most incredible moments. It's so special for me to know this piece found the right collector. I feel so proud. Let's make this a volatile 10 years together on this project, @TokenAngels 🤓🙏 — ᴍᴀᴛᴛ ᴋᴀɴᴇ 🎨 (@MattKaneArtist) September 18, 2020

“Right Place & Right Time” stands as a unique piece, as the master NFT sold for $100,000. This master NFT will create 210 different NFT artworks based on Bitcoin’s price action and the subsequent patterns that pop up on the master art piece.

Kane explained:

“Each NFT will be created by the original master NFT. The compositions are created using an algorithm I wrote which visualize a single day in Bitcoin price volatility. I’ll maintain some creative influence, altering colors and other design elements as the project matures over time. And of course I curate which days are minted.”

Also, he explained that when each of the 210 pieces are purchased, the master NFT owner receives 21% of each sale.

Thus, Chicago born Kane concluded:

“The purchasers of these 210 will [also] have the option to buy a print counterpart of their NFT art.”

Async Art expressed that more than $2.3 million has changed hands on the platform since launch in February 2020. Artist sales have totaled over $400,000. According to, more than $109 million worth of NFTs has been sold around the world since the sales started a few years ago.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Async Art



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