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ad cnp.png Supports HTC in Making Exodus 1 Crypto Trading Phone, the company linked to the world’s most noticeable crypto coin has agreed to partner with Taiwan’s HTC on a smartphone geared toward the trading and use of cryptocurrency.

It has been reported that according to News Affinity, will work with HTC to assure its Exodus 1 smartphone, which is fully capable of trading digital assets.

Exodus 1 to Fully Tackle Blockchain Potential

In May, the Exodus 1 revealed that it is HTC’s latest flagship smartphone and is distinguished by the company for its focus on cryptocurrency utilization and its potential to tap into blockchain technology.

However, the phone has Bitcoin Cash compatibility and acts as its own fully functional wallet for the coin. Phil Chen, Chief of Decentralization at HTC, confirmed that the company’s aim for the Exodus 1 is to tap into blockchain technology and give users access to the latest era in trading and payment. has High Plans for Partnership with HTC

With’s support, the HTC phone is planning to receive a wallet app direct from the web portal in its next update. The Bitcoin Cash-attuned wallet will also unlock alternative payment methods for users alongside special deals.

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Stefan Rust, CEO of

Stefan Rust, the CEO of observed that he was excited about the partnership between his company and HTC and anticipates them collaborating on more developments in the future. Rust along with Roger Ver, the Executive Chairman of said that they hoped the Exodus 1 will make Bitcoin Cash a more commonplace currency and attract more people for using digital money.

Thus, the partnership has already helped HTC reclaim some of its slipping markets while is looking forward to gaining HTC’s 4 million customers.



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