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bitFlyer Blockchain Debuts ‘bVote’ App For Virtual Shareholder Voting

bitFlyer’s Holdings blockchain arm is debuting a new app ‘bVote’ for shareholder voting. According to an announcement by bitFlyer Blockchain, the new app ‘bVote’ — aims to allow Japanese corporations to conduct general shareholders meetings without requiring anyone to physically attend. 

今朝の日経新聞に掲載いただきました! 世界初となる「なりすまし防止機能付き」のブロックチェーン投票サービス「bVote」によるバーチャル株主総会を6月下旬に開催します。 今秋をめどにサービス提供を開始する予定です。 詳細はプレスリリースをご覧ください。 — bitFlyer Blockchain(ビットフライヤーブロックチェーン) (@bF_Blockchain) June 10, 2020

The app will be able to prevent vote forgery and manipulation and requires users to scan their My Number card for identification. 

The firm will purportedly put its tech to the test at its own shareholder meeting on June 26.

Yuzo Kano, the CEO of bitFlyer Blockchain, claimed that without blockchain tech, it is impossible to hold a fair virtual shareholders meeting. 

Kano stated that legitimate share holders must be able to exercise their voting rights while ensuring there are “no manipulations of the vote and its aggregation process.”

A fair shareholder’s meeting also requires the ability to guarantee that proxy forms are not manipulated in general or by a third party.

Kano adds:

“It is impossible to change records on blockchain and all the interested parties can check them. You can also see how certain proxy forms were exercised in the past on blockchain. Since the same electronic signatures are used every time, it becomes obvious if some thrid party persons use a new one.”

Kano adds on the transparency process:

“since all the voting results are recorded we can always come back and check them afterwards if manipulation happens.”

The firm has not received any concrete inquiries as to bVote yet, but Kano expects demand for the app to grow as people’s lifestyles change and remote work and digitization accelerate due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Unsplash

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