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BitMEX Launching New Program For Its Corporate Clients

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX is launching a new program with benefits for its corporate clients including enhanced security service, and accounting.

On June 22 BitMex made an announcement that the exchange is launching a new program for corporate customers, BitMEX Corporate.

Did you know that BitMEX offers exclusive benefits and features for corporate accounts, including access to dedicated relationship managers? Click here for more information on BitMEX Corporate: — BitMEX (@BitMEXdotcom) June 23, 2020

The accounts on the crypto exchange that are not owned and operated by an individual can now ensure their BitMEX holdings are the legal property of a corporation.

BitMEX said the new features were created for clients who need “different ownership structures for their accounts”, the means for their employees to access and manage accounts, and security requirements.

The announcement also stated that options like multi-user login and instant transfers between accounts would be available later in 2020.

BitMEX Corporate has a number of tailored benefits for corporate clients, such as:

  1. Corporate Legal Structure: Ensure your account is the legal property of your Corporate Entity, not an Employee or Individual

  2. Enhanced Service: Dedicated client coverage relationship manager and access to global corporate events

  3. Enhanced Security: Additional options for defining account access and control via authorised signatories and dedicated account management

  4. Accounting Requirements: Clarify account ownership and domicile

  5. Audit: Access to our Account Audit features and support

In addition, high volume Corporate Accounts are also eligible for the same benefits included in our Tiered Account schemes:

  1. Incentive Programmes: New Product incentive schemes & Market Maker programmes

  2. Trade More: Increased rate limit thresholds linked to trading behaviour

  3. Shape the Platform: Have your say on the development of new products and features

About BitMEX Corporate:

The BitMEX Corporate account programme is a set of features and services designed to better serve our ever-growing segment of corporate customers. ‘Corporate’ accounts are simply the part of our customer base where the account owner is not an individual, but a company or other legal entity, and as such need different ownership structures for their accounts, ways for employees to access and manage those accounts on their behalf, additional security requirements, and so on.

Official Source and Image: BitMEX | Cointelegraph



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