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BitPolo, The Latest Fiat-Crypto Exchange Launches In India

A new fiat-crypto exchange dubbed BitPolo has launched in India. The Bangalore-headquartered exchange goes live on May 6. It was originally founded in March; the same month the Supreme Court ruled against RBI’s longstanding ban on crypto-related banking support.

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BitPolo supports Rupee (INR) deposits and withdrawals, and crypto-fiat pairs with major currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).

In a statement accompanying the launch, Bitpolo chief business officer, Suresh Choudhary, stated that the team had been building throughout the bear market and considers the platform’s launch in mid-lockdown, comes at an appropriate time:

“The world is slowly inching back towards normalcy post a pandemic and recessionary environment. As we foresee fragilities of traditional asset classes, crypto markets seem to offer the bigger upside.”

Meanwhile, Head of strategy, Chandan Choudhury, argues that “COVID-19 is an eye-opener,” which has exposed the “huge bubble across traditional asset classes fuelled by loose monetary policy.”


Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Pixabay


About BitPolo

BitPolo, founded in March 2020, is an idea that strives to introduce crypto assets to each and every citizen of India. A group of crypto enthusiasts, traders, and fin-tech promoters had weathered down the previous two-year period of uncertainty, waiting for the right opportunity to disrupt the market. BitPolo is the culmination of efforts to develop a trading platform both simple and futuristic in its delineation. The BitPolo team states that it firmly believes in and works by the motto that ‘Crypto assets are the inevitable future.’


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