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Blockchain-Based Supply Chain To Track And Certify Sustainable Cashmere, a Toronto-based startup conducted a successful blockchain-based pilot to track and certify sustainable cashmere to help Mongolian nomadic herders.

The supply chain project is powered by’s Ethereum-based traceability platform, Backbone conducted with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Lack of transparency and accountability in fashion supply chains as well as facing harsh working conditions and income instability made to focus on cashmere herders for its pilot. CEO, Chami Akmeemana, told betakit:

“The nomadic community is one of immense pride but one with a volatile and unstable income. Leveraging blockchain technology within the transformation of the cashmere industry can provide numerous benefits for Mongolian herders, buyers, and sellers alike.”

Mobile App To Track Sustainable Cashmeres

A mobile application is available for Android devices to ensure easy registry of cashmere bales for farmers. At the same time, bales and packing slips are equipped with radio-frequency identification tags to track the location of the products.

Users can also view the environmental impact data generated to ensure that ethical raw cashmere being sourced. Akmeemana told Betakit that the company’s findings were big enough to inspire plans to expand the app to other regions:

“Our learnings are pretty significant on this, and that’s why everything was around watching from afar. But now that that’s completed, we’ve been going around the world. We were in Singapore and Bangkok a couple of weeks ago presenting to the UN, USAID (the United States Agency for International Development), the World Bank, et cetera. So now we’re going to start seeing a lot more applications coming out.”

Source: Cointelegraph | Betakit


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