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Blockchain Explorers: Top 5 Best Crypto Block Explorers

Blockchain explorers really came a long way since its early Bitcoin days.

Initially, there were no any blockchain explorers at all. Slowly, some basic blockchain explorers came up providing just the basic functionalities.

The basic functionalities composed of simple tasks such as searching for specific wallet addresses or transactions.

Fast forward to today and we see gazillions of blockchain explorers performing a multitude of tasks such as extracting data from multiple blockchains.

This includes even hidden messages, rich lists and, block heights. However, the role of a blockchain explorer doesn’t only just ends there.

Current blockchain explorers serve as the search engine of cryptocurrencies. That includes revealing all kinds of hard to access and hidden data.

In this article, we will cover some of the best blockchain explorers.

Each of the blockchain explorer listed in the article will help on what best works for you and what kind of data that you actually need, according to your requirements.

What Are Blockchain Explorers Exactly?

A blockchain explorer lets one view everything from transaction details to wallet, and even the very blocks that made up the ledger.

This way a blockchain explorer can be assumed to be like that of a search engine, where anyone can extract through the data that they exactly need.

When considering a blockchain explorer, there are several factors that one should consider such as what cryptocurrency is one dealing with and the wallet provider they are using.

A blockchain explorer would provide you the plethora of information on the transaction such as:

  1. Date

  2. Fees

  3. Incoming address

  4. Outcoming address

  5. Amount

  6. Block

Why Blockchain Explorers Are A Must For Crypto Enthusiasts?

Block explorers were designed for exploration given how large the public database can be.

Although, that really took a while for interfaces to be developed to facilitate this exploration.

Traditionally, crypto holders have been using blockchain explorers to check up on the progress of their transaction- receiving or giving, or even to check up on the balance of a particular address.

The best thing about block explorers is that it will provide you the fullest transparency. It ensures that your funds were properly sent and received, with additional features such as:

  1. Block/transaction feed

  2. Transaction history

  3. See the input and output of transactions

  4. Mempool status

  5. Genesis block

  6. Transaction address

Anyone who is into crypto, definitely needs a good blockchain explorer. This can be compared to anyone who is using the internet with a good search engine.

Blockchain and it’s huge public database makes it essential for the need of a good blockchain explorer to extract the much needed information from the giant databases.

A good blockchain explorer keeps an eye on the transaction progress.

The Best Blockchain Explorers At A Glance

  1. Blockchain Explorer

  2. Blockchair

  3. BlockCypher

  4. TradeBlock

  5. Coinmarketcap Blockchain Explorer

Credit: is one of the most popular blockchain explorer, as it was among the first of services in the crypto space.

As you introduce your transaction ID, the system will provide information such as:

  1. Block details

  2. Size

  3. Status block checker

  4. An updating average fee graph

  5. Current hash rate

  6. Mining difficulty

It also offers some of the best additional tools such as an average fee graph, hash rate and mining difficulty.

However, the best part of is its data and charts section. The chart section frequently updates with new data, providing for a deeper analysis of blockchain trends.

The charts includes section as

  1. Bitcoin as a currency

  2. Bitcoin block details

  3. Mining information

  4. Bitcoin network activity

  5. Bitcoin wallet activity

To conclude, provides an interesting overview and a great resource for the crypto newbies and experts.

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.


Credit: Blockchair

Blockchair block explorer provides data for cryptocurrencies in the areas of:

  1. Mempool size

  2. Fees

  3. Number of nodes

  4. Miming difficulty

Blockchair will even let you find keywords encoded in blockchain such as you can discover whether your hometown or even your family members’ name are permanently stored on the blockchain.

Besides the explorer will also provide information on daily circulation, current on-chain volume, transactions per block, transactions per second, among others.

Blockchair has blockchain explorers for: –

Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Stellar, Groestlcoin, Telegram Open Network, among others.


Credit: BlockCypher

BlockCypher is an open-source blockchain explorer with useful tools to extract out on a wealth of information.

In addition to the standard blockchain explorer features, you will find additional tools such as estimates on block confirmation time.

Its sleek UI makes for easier interface and navigation while also showing blocks and transaction feeds in real-time.

Apart from the standard block explorer features, there are special features you wont usually find in other block explorers such as for:

  1. confirmation predictions

  2. fees suggestions

  3. Bitcoin public address notifications

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin and Grin.


Credit: TradeBlock

TradeBlock offers a simple design interface, yet it is a fully-featured Bitcoin blockchain explorer offering the essential range of tools.

It has also additional features, too such as the historical tab provides information on a Bitcoin historical data chart.

You can modify the dashboard or data sets on display through the settings pane on right.

Use the drop-down boxes to make comparisons of:

  1. Transaction value

  2. Block size

  3. Hash rate

  4. Mining difficulty

Moreover, its mining tab provides information on Bitcoin mining as well as a mining calculator.

You can keep track on the number of confirmations for each transaction, and will also be even to differentiate between the number of inputs and outputs.

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, Ethereum

Coinmarketcap Blockchain Explorer

Credit: CoinMarketCap Blockchain Explorer

CoinMarketCap Blockchain Explorer hardly needs any introduction.

Although, its one of the newest addition, it is the best reference for any crypto holders looking to find the most vital information on the cryptocurrency market.

As we all know, CoinMarketCap is an extremely popular site for checking market capitalization cryptocurrencies.

Its Bitcoin blockchain explorer is a welcome addition to its list.

Besides, getting access to full ranking of cryptocurrencies and exchanges sorted by market capitalization, you can also count on to find your transactions.

Its clean interface provides a seamless user experience.

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Binance Coin.

Finishing Thoughts

Crypto community’s favorite thing to watch on a block explorer has always been to see the genesis block that bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto mined during 2009.

Seeing the genesis block can take anyone to Bitcoin’s history and the reason behind it i.e. decentralization.

Anyone who is into crypto should know on the best blockchain explorers as these tools are what make cryptocurrencies decentralized, transparent, and open.

However, in the end, which blockchain explorer you decide always boils down to one’s own personal preference.

Tools like blockchain explorers is one of the best parts of the crypto model. They also make you explore around to otherwise what you wouldn’t even have known.


Cover Image: Unsplash

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