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Blockchain Technology, Lukka Announces The Completion Of Series D Funding Round, Raises $53M

Lukka, the leading enterprise crypto asset software and data provider, announced the completion of it Series D round of financing, where it successfully raised $53 M.

With this additional capital, Lukka has raised nearly $75mm in the past 12 months from Soros, @SPGlobal , @StateStreet , @CPAcom and other institutional investors. — Lukka (@LukkaTech) March 25, 2021

Participants in the round include Soros Fund Management, S&P Global, and Series D came after Series C, that recently took place around 3 months ago. The Series C was led by State Street.

As per the announcement on March 25, the investment will ” accelerate Lukka’s operations as the leading institutional-grade middle and back office crypto asset software and data provider at a time when the rapid adoption of crypto assets by the traditional financial services industry requires more mature software and data solutions to support business operations.”

The technological solutions by Lukka seems to be a handy approach to understand the complex crypto asset data. Lukka’s software and data solutions turn the complex data into easy-to-use information. Hence, it aids the businesses in easy handling of traditional middle and back-office operations. Lukka does this in accord with industry-trusted technical control standards such as AICPA System and Organization Controls (SOC).

Robert Materazzi, CEO of Lukka said:

Innovation in the crypto ecosystem has exposed traditional finance to a new way of exchanging assets around the world. However, with any rapidly innovating industry, finance and other middle and back office operations can lag behind driving revenue and growth, which can quickly lead to very challenging and costly data issues when they begin to think about financial reporting, risk management, and audit readiness. At Lukka, we resolve middle and back office operational data complexities through thoughtful and innovative software and data solutions so that institutions can focus on their business. This new capital will help Lukka stay at the forefront of innovation so that we can continue to solve their most complex data challenges.

Spanning across both the crypto native and traditional financial industry, the firm currently gives a service to over 200 active crypto funds. Having a history of assisting companies like ShapeShift, other major crypto exchanges, Lukka’s has processed $4.4 trillion unique transactions to date valued in USD.

Lukka aims to stay a step ahead of the innovating crypto industry. Lukka will continue to add additional product features to support customers with derivatives, DeFi products, and other attractive crypto ecosystem innovations while preserving transparency and integrity. To solve crypto ecosystem complexities, Lukka comes up with products like Lukka Reference Data and Lukka Prime. With the recent launch of Lukka Essentials, Lukka helps in creating a free portfolio management solution for retail consumers with low cost tax reporting options.

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