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Blockstream Launches Liquid Ventures Initiative, Unveiling Over $5M In Commitments

Blockstream has launched its “Liquid Ventures Initiative,” which seeks to connect developers looking to build on the commercial sidechain with crypto investors. The initiative has received $5 million in commitments from its backers so far.

The Liquid Ventures Initiative is backed by over twelve Bitcoin-centric venture capital firms and entrepreneurs including: Nogle, Seven Seas VC, Blockchain Capital, Castle Island Ventures, Digital Garage Lab Fund, Electric Capital, Fulgur Ventures, Lemniscap, Proof of Capital and Stillmark.

We're excited to reveal the #LiquidVenturesInitiative and the 1st ever #LiquidDemoDay! Last week, participants presented to VC and angel investors projects utilizing @Liquid_BTC. Total commitments to the #LVI stand at $5 million. 🚀🌊 — Blockstream (@Blockstream) June 2, 2020

Blockstream also announced its open of interest from startups who would like to be involved in its next Liquid Demo Day. 

If you’re an entrepreneur or developer and would like to be involved in our next #LiquidDemoDay (tentatively scheduled for 10th August 2020), we’re already accepting applications for Batch Two! — Blockstream (@Blockstream) June 3, 2020

Startups selected to participate in the next demo day “will be provided with technical support and operational guidance from the Blockstream team,”

Morover, they will get the opportunity to pitch their project to investors and startups involved in the program.

Demo days will be held on a quarterly basis. The next event is expected to be held during August.

Blockstream’s first-ever Liquid Demo Day was held on May 18.

The events saw participation from developers representing six countries, including firms building settlement solutions, games, and asset issuance platforms on top of Liquid.

Blockstream is the firm behind the Bitcoin (BTC) sidechains Liquid and Lightning Network.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Unsplash



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