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Bollywood NFT platform does a record sale of 10 lakh NFTs after launching 83 movie’s official NFTs

‘83’ movie, while stirring the box-office with its record-breaking collections, it is also shaking the NFT industry with its record sales. The movie’s official digital collectibles (NFTs) which were launched by India’s first Bollywood NFT marketplace which are both purchasable as well saleable, ‘Social Swag’ made another ground-breaking record by selling 10 lakh worth of NFTs within an hour the launching the movie’s official NFTs.

NFT Marketplace Social Swag ( is an influencer-led fan engagement platform, for the exclusive drop of official digital collectibles (NFTs) of movies. The NFTs sold by the platform comprise an incredible portfolio of digital and phigital (digital + physical) NFTs that will appeal both to Bollywood and Cricket fans, as well as NFT collectors and enthusiasts, globally. Based on the true story of India’s iconic 1983 World Cup victory against the West Indies, the 83 movie stars Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, and Pankaj Tripathi, among other Bollywood icons. The NFTs include autographed physical cricket memorabilia, certified-authentic video moments, PFP-style animated digital avatars, and autographed unseen posters and images.

Minted on the Polygon blockchain, the 83 movie NFTs comprise a few distinct collections:

  • Prestige Collection: 16 one-copy-only asset-backed NFTs of pivotal movie scenes bundled with physical cricket memorabilia from 83, autographed by the stars.

  • For Your Eyes Only Collection: A collection of five certified authentic video moments from the movie that have not made the final cut.

  • Taste of Success Collection: A collection of 20 exclusive PFP-style animated digital avatars designed by world-renowned artivists Vidhushi and Medhavini Yadav, both alumni of IIT Bombay, along with animator Ashwin Vasudevan and sound artist Anupama Thakur.

Atharva Sabnis, CEO of NFT Labs, technology partner to Social Swag, said:

“India as a nation has always been obsessed with both Cricket and Bollywood and this time too the people of India have shown their love from all corners of the country, especially Tier I and II cities. While we were expecting purchases mainly from metros, cities like Jabalpur, Kanpur, Nagpur, Trivedaram, Solapur etc. took lead in accepting the buzzing culture of NFTs.”

He added:

“With NFTs, for the first time, people can own a piece of that moment and own a piece of history! A possibility that no one would have imagined before Web 3.0. We are glad that we can facilitate this and thank the team at 83 for partnering with us to execute this. And with the kind of response we have received for the NFTs, we are thrilled to announce that all the buyers are now entitled to free NFTs with our next airdrop.”

About Social Swag:

Social Swag is a new-age platform that connects Indian masses with celebrities, influencers, bloggers, and other inspirational individuals, through personal interactions and learning forums. By combining entertainment and learning, Social Swag enables interactions in multiple ways including masterclasses, live-chats, shout-outs, and virtual selfies to name a few.

With its deep relationships in the Indian entertainment sector, Social Swag is positioned to become the world’s largest marketplace for officially licensed Bollywood NFTs. These NFTs will be mint-condition, exclusive, tradeable across chains, and packed with utility.



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