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Brave Browser Gains More Than One Million New Users In March Alone

Brave, the open-source internet browser, gained more than one million new users in March alone, as a tweet from Brave’s head of marketing, Des Martin, detailed on April 1. 

1M+ new users in March. Go @Brave 🚀 — Des Martin (@dessie_martin) April 1, 2020

It has been reported that with much of the world limiting their exposure to the coronavirus through self-imposed quarantine, web usership has undoubtedly increased.

However, a March 20 Bloomberg article stated that various internet-based services have hosted significantly greater demand for activities such as web browsing, gaming, and shopping.

i'm gonna say it again for all my fam with #cryptocurrency like #bitcoin and #ethereum: EASE OF ACCESS + USE CASE IS WHAT WILL DRIVE ADOPTION — CryptoMood – Trading Crypto with AI (@cryptomood) April 2, 2020

Some of this attention has been funneled toward Brave, as evidenced by its spike in users.

Brave, a browser focused on privacy and data control, has an associated crypto asset, Basic Attention Token (BAT), which users can earn by participating in specific activities, such as viewing ads.

Brave ran a gangbuster ICO back in 2017, selling $35 million worth of BAT tokens in less than a minute.

Thus, this sale was headed up by former Mozilla head, Brendan Eich.

If you want to know more about Brave Browser, click on this link:

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