BTC Rewards App Lolli Responds to Alibaba’s Denial of Partnership

Lolli, the Bitcoin (BTC) rewards shopping app responds to Alibaba’s denial of partnership between the two companies.

The CEO of Lolli, Alex Adelman invalidated Alibaba’s denial of partnership with Lolli while claiming that Lolli did partner with Alibaba Group. He added:

“We’ve been partnered with Alibaba Group since May through AliExpress. We have driven AliExpress significant revenue and distributed bitcoin rewards to our users.”

Denial of Partnership

Reportedly, Lolli introduced an affiliate partnership with Alibaba that would enable shoppers to earn 5% back in Bitcoin on Singles’ Day.

Alibaba, however, denied having any partnership with Lolli while saying:

“Never had the right to claim a partnership with or imply one with Alibaba Group.”

Lolli’s Stance

Adelman said that Alibaba’s denial of the partnership was unfair to Lolli while continuing that “Lolli and the agency representing mutually agreed to launch this partnership in conjunction with Singles’ Day,” He added: trialed our services for 24 hours and decided to deactivate the partnership without cause — breaking its contract […] The agency representing approved a contractual agreement on behalf of that included the promotion of, the use of its brand, email marketing, and sharing on social media and various channels. There was no malintent on our end to misrepresent Alibaba.”

Adelman claims Alibaba’s denial of the partnership would be “misleading and defames our brand when we did nothing wrong and abided by everything we contractually agreed upon with them.”

He concluded by saying that although there was “miscommunication on Alibaba’s end and while that’s unfortunate, we look forward to the possibility of working with again in the future.”

Alibaba Not Into Bitcoin

Alibaba has not been favorable to Bitcoin to date. In October, Alibaba’s digital payment arm Alipay confirmed that it will be banning all transactions connected to Bitcoin. Alipay added:

“If any transactions are identified as being related to bitcoin or other virtual currencies, @Alipay immediately stops the relevant payment services.”


Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Shutterstock


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