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Canaan To Launch Improved Mining Machines With 5 Nanometer Chips

Canaan, China’s mining application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) manufacturer will launch improved mining machines with 5-nanometer chips in Q1 2020.

On Dec. 24 8BTC reported that the new ASICs will have significant advantages compared to the previous generation.

Improved Performance, Power, And Area Scaling

The new 5nm chips manufacturing process is expected to improve performance, power, and area scaling. Canaan is expecting that the scale of production of the new product series is faster than the 7nm chips.

The number of nanometers refers to the size of the features of the silicon chip. For scale- 1nm is approximately equivalent to the width of two silicon atoms. So, as the features in the chips becomes smaller, that makes it possible to fit more transistors in a silicon die of the same size. This signifies that the electric current has to travel less distance in the circuit to perform a calculation, meaning that efficiency is improved and the amount of heat is decreased when the features are smaller.

In November, Canaan Creative made around 94 million yuan approximately $13 million net profit for Q3 2019. Canaan revealed the updated filing of its IPO in the US.


Source: Cointelegraph


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