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Card Game ‘Emergents’ Built On Tezos Blockchain To Alpha Launch Soon

Tezos (XTZ) co-founder Kathleen Breitman is preparing to launch the alpha version of the game built on top of Tezos, a crypto-powered collectible card game called ‘Emergents.’ ‘Emergents’ in-game cards will comprise non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that players have full ownership over.

I shared the link in the original thread but in case you missed it… Here is where you can sign up for the alpha of the new CCG I have been working on with @TheZvi — Brian David-Marshall *Antisocial Distancer* (@Top8Games) March 18, 2020

Coase intends to comprise both the primary and secondary marketplace for the cards. The company will also act as both a buyer and a seller for the NFTs. While Breitman has been planning the game since 2018, she announced Coase, the company that will launch Emergents, in May 2019.

The company is composed of:

  1. Breitman, former professional Magic: The Gathering player Zvi Mowshowitz

  2. Former Pokemon and Magic developer Alan Comer

  3. Game designer Brian David-Marshall

Coase will initially launch a free base set of cards with new cards being made available for purchase on a weekly basis.

Cards will be priced and paid for in XTZ, however, there will also be a fiat gateway that conceals the cryptocurrency transaction for players who do not wish to handle crypto.

Each card will have a fixed supply, with prices fluctuating according to an algorithm that measures demand for a card.

When a specific card is purchased the algorithm will increase its price slightly, and vice versa. Coase will purchase cards from sellers for approximately 95% of their market value.

The pricing system will likely lead to significant fluctuations in a card’s price, as cards may fall in and out of favor with players as different meta-strategies are developed that emphasize the strengths or weaknesses of specific cards within the context of different decks.

As such, players are incentivized to develop strategies built around undervalued cards in order to drive demand and allow them to sell the card back to Coase for a profit.

While other blockchain-based card games reserve the right to alter an overpowered card’s stats or supply, Coase will nerf overpowered cards by minting new cards designed to rebalance the game.

The alpha launch of Emergents comes amid a glut of projects offering unique blockchain-based gaming experiences featuring in-game items that players can own and trade.




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