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CertiK Partners With OKChain

CertiK, a pioneering blockchain cybersecurity startup, has partnered with OKChain, a public chain developed by the leading OKEx team, which went fully open-source on April 16, 2020.

OKChain provides an efficient, free, and boundless ecosystem for its nodes, based on the proprietary cross-chain design under the “Commercial Chain Alliance” concept and OpenDEX full-node operation.

It has been reported that OKChain reevaluates the concept of a public chain’s “boundless ecosystem” by implementing cutting-edge technologies and creating strategic partnerships such as the “Commercial Chain Alliance”, a group of early-stage partners including 10+ world-renowned institutions.

OKChain’s mission is to interconnect users, value, and use cases through complementary and customized cross-chain technologies, solving long-standing problems in the blockchain world including TPS, security, and suitability.

However, as the premier blockchain security experts and developers of the CertiK Chain makes CertiK excitedly join OKChain’s Commercial Alliance.

It has been analyzed that the CertiK team leverages world-class Formal Verification technology from the research labs at Yale University and Columbia University to solidify the security of OKChain’s ecosystem.

As compared to the types of vulnerabilities found in simple programs or smart contracts, vulnerabilities in chains are defects that reflect inconsistencies of developers’ intentions against the actual needs, design, realization, configuration, and operation of the blockchain itself.

CertiK has officially joined the Commercial Alliance to solidify the security of the @OKEx #OKChain's ecosystem 🌐 New details on the CertiK Blog: — CertiK (@certik_io) May 1, 2020

However, these vulnerabilities can be found in various modules, and, if exploited by malicious hackers, can cause system infrastructure failures and result in major losses of digital assets and data.

CertiK conducts comprehensive security evaluations and formulates customized service plans to ensure the end-to-end soundness of each blockchain system.

As per the report, CertiK’s security service offerings include:

  1. Penetration testing & security audits, with special concentrations on critical modules and program functionalities

  2. Security advisory regarding blockchain design and code implementation

  3. Full-node security monitoring service

The CertiK team has helped over 200 public chains and enterprise clients avoid security exploits at all levels by leveraging its world-class formal verification technology.

Its main service offers:

  1. Penetration Testing

  2. Code Audit/Review

  3. Node Monitoring

It has also been analyzed that the CertiK team will work closely with the OKChain team to solidify the security framework of the decentralized platform by enabling OpenDEX to realize more innovative use-cases in a trustworthy environment.

OKChain team stated:

“Based on the cross-chain technology design, OKChain aims to promote the ecological implementation of complementary applications, realizing the interchange of value, users, use cases, applications and eventually building a comprehensive value-adding public chain alliance ecosystem.”

Thus, as a security expert and major public chain partner within the ecosystem, CertiK envisions a borderless public chain ecosystem built on the unbreakable promise of security.

About CertiK

CertiK is a cybersecurity company, using cutting-edge Formal Verification technology on smart contracts and blockchains. CertiK leads blockchain security by pioneering the use of cutting-edge Formal Verification technology on smart contracts and blockchains. Unlike traditional security audits, Formal Verification mathematically proves program correctness and hacker-resistance. CertiK was founded by Computer Science professors of Yale University and Columbia University, securing over $6B in assets, including many of the world’s top projects. For more details, you can visit the official site here.

About OKChain

OKChain is a decentralized public chain that supports various decentralized applications and allows users to issue their own cryptocurrencies, create trading pairs, and trade freely on it. It allows users to issue their own cryptocurrency on the public chain. We will also migrate OKB and USDK to OKChain. For more details, you can visit the official site here.

Source: Official CertiK Blog | Image: Pixabay



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