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ChainGuardians Presents Virtual And Real Trip Into The Metaverse

ChainGuardians, the blockchain gaming giant, has presented a virtual and real trip down the catwalk and into the metaverse.

It has been reported that they achieved this by unveiling their Meta Streetwear collection, inspired by the ChainGuardians Superheroes, at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Web3 Nolcha Shows.

However, the ChainGuardians Runway show introduced invite-only attendees to the highly-anticipated Meta Streetwear collection. This runway show highlighted how limited-edition items in the line will offer owners an NFT that shows exclusive proof of ownership. Consequently, in the future, owners will be able to use this NFT in the Cryptoverse metaverse.

The report said that ChainGuardians offered attendees the opportunity to immerse themselves in VR in the Virtual Reality area. Once there, they could select items from the ChainGuardians Meta Streetwear line and try on the 3D digital fashion items. They also had the opportunity to interact with digital models wearing the collection’s clothing via a QR code. They could also take pictures of themselves with the models and the clothing.

Likewise, to bring their first venture into fashion to life, ChainGuardians partnered with Playology International, PowerStation Studios, and, Portman Street. Through these partnerships, the blockchain gaming giant was able to develop a unique concept for its NYFW event.

ChainGuardians is an anime-inspired role-play game on Ethereum. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with fantasy, anime, and superhero themes. What distinguishes it from other blockchain games is its ever-evolving storyline and constantly improving features.

Thus, players can earn tokens by staking, mining, and RPG battling, to name but a few. Early adopters and governance token holders have the opportunity to shape the game’s future. Additionally, they are also part of the Guardian initiative, a multi-tiered program with exclusive rewards.

Source: NFT Evening



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