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Chiliz Working On A COVID-19 Immunity Community Initiative For Football Fans

Chiliz announced a blockchain-based solution “Socios Pass”, an ID and immunity verification tool that would allow fans to gradually return to stadiums and watch live games safely.

Chliliz says that the COVID-19 pandemic has already caused a major blow to the football industry. In fact, a football match conducted on Feb. 19 is often blamed for creating the initial outbreak in Italy, centered around the city of Bergamo. 

Leading health experts believes that immunity certificates or ‘passports’ issued by health authorities are needed in order to allow individuals to fully return to ‘normal life’.

Socios Pass will use blockchain technology and QR codes that would allow fans holding proof of immunity to return to stadiums. This would ensure the long-term economic future of sporting entities is protected while allowing fans to watch their beloved teams.

The Socios Pass would work by connecting with the user’s digital immunity certificate after passing a know-your-customer procedure on its website. The fans would then show a one-time QR code to stewards at the gates of the stadium, who would quickly confirm the identity of the person.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO & Founder of & Chiliz said: 

“We recently polled football fans from our partner clubs on, asking them if they would accept identity & health status checks if it meant that they could return to stadiums — around 74% of respondents voted in favour of such measures.

Dreyfus continued:

“This highlighted what we already knew — football and sport in general is hugely important in people’s lives. That’s why we want to use our blockchain expertise so that fans can enjoy live sport from the stadiums again and clubs can recover from the impact of COVID-19. Should they need it, Pass will provide sports teams with a low integration, GDPR compliant software only solution offering free KYC validation for fan identity & health status checks and allowing for the safe transition of fans back into stadiums.”

Official Source: Chiliz | Image: Unsplash

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