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China’s BSN Integrates Tezos Blockchain

China’s Blockchain Service Network (BSN) has announced the integration of the Tezos blockchain onto its international portal.

On September 24, it has been reported in an announcement that Tezos has been selected as the “one of the first batch of blockchains” to be integrated into the BSN International, a global platform providing access to public chain services on the BSN.

However, due to the integration, developers worldwide can now access the Tezos protocol using BSN’s global public city nodes and portals. According to the BSN, there are three global public city nodes that have integrated with the Tezos blockchain in both mainnet and testnet.

According to the announcement, to date, BSN’s global public city nodes include locations in Hong Kong, California, and Paris.

In order to deploy and manage their own permissioned chains on the BSN International, developers should create an account on the official website. Through accessing “Permissionless Services,” developers are able to create their own projects on the Tezos mainnet or testnet.

BSN is pleased to welcome @tezos into our ecosystem. Follow this technical documentation to start building on #Tezos using BSN — BSN (@bsnbase) September 25, 2020

BSN announced that all APIs provided by Tezos can be accessed in similar ways on the BSN, with the original data format being kept.

Likewise, the BSN network plans to integrate up to 40 public blockchains by June 2021, as Tezos is among the first batch of six blockchains including NEO, Nervos, Cosmos’ IRISnet, Ethereum, and EOS.

Thus, the BSN is also planning to integrate three more blockchains in Algorand, ShareRing and Solana as the second batch.

Source: Cointelegraph



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