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Chinese TON Community To Launch Separate TON-Based Network

Telegram’s terminated blockchain project, Telegram Open Network keeps revamping into new community-led TON networks. On a May 29 blog post, the Chinese TON Community voiced its intention to launch a separate TON-based network.

The community plans to launch their own TON blockchain testnet as well as roll out a project website.

The Chinese TON Community will be seeking to recruit more participants to develop the network.

The blog post reads:

“We plan to start the TON Blockchain testnet in the first step, recruit more nodes and developers to join the network and test the network, and then redesign network rules that are more adapted to the current context, and invite more people to experience and use TON.”

The announcement also points out some major problems associated with community-led TON initiatives, including problems of initial allocation, lack of integration with Telegram messenger as well as lack of developer incentives.

The post, authored by Tooz Wu is a Beijing-based blockchain researcher and founder of the Chinese TON Community.

Wu is also a member of the TON Community Foundation, an independent global community of TON developers and the creator of, a website that brings together major TON-related sources.

Besides, Wu have also translated Telegram’s TON white paper into Chinese.

Meanwhile, there are at least two global TON-based initiatives so far, namely Free TON and NewTON.

As the Chinese TON Community is preparing to launch their own TON network, there are at least three TON-based blockchain successors to date.

Apparently, these communities are not getting along too well.

On May 7, the Chinese TON Community explicitly criticized Free TON, claiming that the initiative does not represent the actual TON community:

Free TON is a shitcoin by TON Labs Company. Does not represent the TON Community. Who is the TON Labs Company BOSS ? — TON Community (@TONCommunity) May 7, 2020

Meanwhile, the original TON development team announced that their efforts have been “redirected to other projects.”

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Unsplash



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