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Chronoswiss Launches First Metaverse Watch

Reports said that Chronoswiss, the Swiss company that makes luxury mechanical watches, has launched its first metaverse watch.

It has been reported that the iconic watchmakers are meeting the challenge of web3 head-on with a unique and exclusive timepiece. The genuine Chronoswiss Atelier (master workshop) has been completely rebuilt in Decentraland.

However, there are 100 limited edition Open Gear ReSec Sugar Rush digital wearable watches that people can use for Decentraland avatars. Significantly, there are also eight special edition real-life watches. The famous watchmakers have gone all out to create this metaverse watch. By recreating the Chronoswiss Atelier in Decentraland, they have created a truly unique experience that blends the real world with the web3 world.

Oliver Ebstein, the Owner and CEO of Chronoswiss, said:

“We understand the Metaverse as the next evolutionary step of the internet, where business and gaming merge into a unique customer experience. We are aware that it is a bet on a yet unclear vision. But it is beyond exciting, and every promising vision needs people who believe in it. The virtual Atelier is a lab for extraordinary ideas in a world with no limitations.”

Source: NFT Evening



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