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Coin Center Announces It Had Received Enough Donations To Claim $1 Million In Matched Contributions

Jerry Brito, the Executive Director of Coin Center, the leading cryptocurrency nonprofit in Washington, D.C., has said that his organization had received enough donations to claim the $1 million in matched contributions from Grayscale Investments, the world’s largest crypto fund manager.

It has been reported that less than three weeks ago, Grayscale announced that it had donated $1 million to the advocacy group and pledged an additional $1 million in matched contributions.

However, a few days later, digital currency exchange Kraken announced that it was pledging $100,000 to Coin Center.

Following @Grayscale’s example, @Jack donates $1 million to the crypto advocacy group @Coincenter. The non-profit’s work towards a sensible tax policy may be especially prescient for this blockchain bull market. — Cointelegraph (@Cointelegraph) February 10, 2021

The report said that perhaps the most noteworthy news item came in a follow-up tweet when Brito confirmed that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donated $1 million to the advocacy group.

He said:

“We were almost to our goal for the matching campaign when he put us over the top and then some.”

According to Neeraj Agrawal, the organization’s Director of Communications, Coin Center’s advocacy work is increasingly focused on advancing financial privacy and “sensible tax policy.”

I'm thrilled to announce that Coin Center has received donations to claim the amazing $1 million match from @Grayscale in full. We’ve been stunned by the outpouring of support from the community. Thank you @Sonnenshein and team! 🙏 But there's one more thing… — Jerry Brito (@jerrybrito) February 10, 2021

The crypto community is known for its generosity, especially in the wake of the 2017-18 bull market where millions of people around the world made a fortune investing in digital assets.

Thus, companies like The Giving Block are making it easier for organizations to accept digital currency donations.

Source: Cointelegraph

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