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Coinbase Increases Size Of Sale By One-Third From $1.5B To $2B

Coinbase, the leading United States-based cryptocurrency exchange, has increased the size of the sale by one-third from $1.5 billion to $2 billion.

It has been reported that at least $7 billion worth of orders were placed in competition for equal quantities of seven- and 10-year bonds, offering interest rates of 3.375% and 3.625%.

However, the publication cites an anonymous source as claiming the interest rates were cheaper than the initial quotes offered by Coinbase, with the influx of demand suggesting buyers hold a higher opinion of the company’s creditworthiness than initially suspected by the exchange.

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Julie Chariell said:

“The strong demand is clearly a big endorsement by debt investors.”

The report said that the exchange’s bonds were rated one rank below investment-grade, with Bloomberg bond indexes indicating that similar debt offerings fetch a 2.86% yield on average. Junk bonds refer to corporate debt issued by a company that does not have an investment-grade credit rating. Due to the reduced credit rating, junk bonds command higher interest rates than investment-grade corporate bonds.

Likewise, Coinbase announced that the funds may be used for “continued investments in product developments” and “potential investments in or acquisitions of other companies, products, or technologies” the firm may identify in the future.

It has been analyzed that Coinbase is only the second major crypto firm to complete a junk-bond offering, with MicroStrategy issuing $500 million worth of notes to fund further Bitcoin (BTC) accumulation as the markets crashed in June. Since trading as high as $342 on its opening day, Coinbase’s COIN stock last traded for $243. COIN is up roughly 20% since late June.

Thus, the recently bullish investor sentiment surrounding Coinbase comes in spite of the US Securities and Exchange Commission threatening to take legal action against the exchange should it launch a USD Coin (USDC) lending product.

Source: Cointelegraph




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