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Coldplay’s Guy Berryman Invests In Fintech Startup Zumo

Coldplay’s bass artist, Guy Berryman, invests in Edinburg-based fintech startup called Zumo.

Zumo CEO and founder Nick Jones says Zumo aims for a broad audience Jones while adding:

“Covid-19 has fast forwarded the move to a cashless society and for safe and easy ways to invest in new forms of currency that are more resilient to crises such as this one.”

#ZumoInTheNews 🙌 — Zumo (@zumopay) May 22, 2020

On May 21, Edinburgh News detailed that Zumo touts the basic Bitcoin functionalities, allowing users to buy, sell, transact and store BTC.

In addition to Berryman, the app boasts funding from the Scottish Investment Bank and market firm Murray Capital.

Blockchain advisor Charles Read explained the pains non-tech-savvy users face when it comes to blockchain, noting the app’s user-friendly approach:

“Zumo has all the benefits of decentralized technology without the teething problems for new users.”

Murray Capital managing director David Murray mentions on the app’s potential for those without banks accounts while adding:

“Now is the time to be investing in the technologies that will shape the financial security of future generations.”



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