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Collectible Cards ‘Blockchain Heroes’ Inspired By Top Crypto Personalities

A new digital trading card series on the WAX blockchain, Blockchain Heroes will feature 50 unique superheroes inspired by top influencers, inventors and content creators inspired by top crypto personalities.

The series is developed by co-hosts of The Bad Crypto Podcast, Joel Comm and Travis Wright.

It is a comedic parody of the top crypto-world personalities presented as superheroes.

The card designs, hero names and personalities featured will be revealed closer to the launch date. Although few of the names that have been dropped so far that includes names such as:

  1. ‘Lady Lightning’

  2. ‘Captain Currency’

  3. ‘Data Avenger’

The project is funded by a WAX Labs grant and will be launched on the WAX blockchain on August 4, 2020.

WAX Director of BD Evan Vandenberg explained on combining the NFT concept with a crypto theme:

“Joel and Travis have put together some incredibly creative collecting concepts and art work. Combine that with crypto-centric themes and characters and I think you have an incredibly interesting project for the space.”

The card set will feature the superheroes ranging in rarity from common to mythical and stored on the blockchain in the form of non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).

This sets them apart from traditional collectible trading cards.

Each card will be assigned a unique minting identification number, providing transparent sales and trading history, immutable ownership records, and provable scarcity.

In their live Podcast on June 11, Comm & Wright shared Litespeed as card number 1 likening him to the Flash. Another character is The Prophet, who is holding up a Bitcoin Cash tablet with a broken Bitcoin tablet on the ground.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image Credit: Blockchain Heroes



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