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Creator Of ‘Art For Crypto’ Says Crypto Art Could Be As Much Of An Investment As Any Other Digital A

Vesa Kivinen, the creator of ‘Art For Crypto’, has recommended that crypto art could be just as much of an investment as any other digital asset.

Kivinen explained the business side of the coin:

“[Digital art] has many similarities to, let’s say, the very, very early Bitcoin. Those opportunities of holding on to the first 10x, and the 100x, and the 1000x … they’re now going on in crypto art in these unique limited edition assets.

However, Kivinen creates three copies of individual canvas pieces, such as the large hypnotic one, called “Red Eye.”

While the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is on the way up, that will not affect the price of his pieces in crypto, which currently tied to 1 BTC — $8,762 at the time of the press.

Fantastic that the first time the 'stable art' concept is featured in a major crypto news channel it is @Cointelegraph – let's go parabolic! #stableart #bitcoin #BTC — VESA (@artbyvesa) April 30, 2020

Kivinen said:

“No one likes to [part with their Bitcoin].”

Also, he said that investing into something like crypto art gives you a product that “has the potential of going parabolic.”

A thought that won't fit into the presentation soon for #WBW2020 at 7.40 ET#cryptoart #Bullrun #nft #nfts #bitcoinart #nifties #artcollectors #ethereum — VESA (@artbyvesa) April 29, 2020

Vesa Kivinen

He added:

“You have to approach the thing from a holistic point of view so that it’s also an investment… No one is going to part with their piece for less than a Bitcoin [later on]. That would be insane. At best, you might get 10 BTC for your piece later, should you ever sell it.”

According to Kivinen, the anticipated halving-related BTC bull run would have the potential to bring more people into the crypto community and crypto art, ten times as many.

Thus, he already has about a dozen pieces in circulation, which are owned by well-known figures in the crypto community, including Charlie Lee and Craig Wright.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Art For Crypto


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