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ad cnp.png Chain Token Becomes The Second Cryptocurrency To Receive An Emoji Hashtag On Twitter

The Chain token (CRO) has become the second cryptocurrency to receive an emoji hashtag on Twitter, as this follows a similar move for Bitcoin (BTC) in February.

It has been reported that since Thursday (June 11), tweeting the “#CRO” hashtag automatically adds the logo to it, similar to what happens when tweeting “#Bitcoin” or “#BTC.”

First #Bitcoin and now #CRO gets its own Twitter emoji!🔥 Try it out for a chance to win $1000 in #CRO! To enter: 1. Put both #BTC and #CRO in your bio 2. Screenshot your bio and share below 4 winners will be announced on 30 Jun,'s 4th Anniversary🎉! — (@cryptocom) June 11, 2020

However, the company launched a promotional giveaway campaign in connection with the event.

As per the report, some members of the Twitter community expressed confusion as to why a relatively small project received a dedicated hashtag before others. 

wtf is #CRO — Mr.Hodl🌕🍿 (@MrHodl) June 11, 2020

This appears to be part of a branded hashtag service offered by Twitter to major brands. It comes at a reported price of $1 million, though this is quoted for the traditionally competitive Super Bowl campaigns.

Kris Marszalek, the CEO of, said:

“We have a team that works relentlessly and creatively to drive engagement on Twitter.” 

Also, Marszalek added that the response to the new hashtag was “beyond our expectations.”

It has been analyzed that some people called to “crowdfund” multiple hashtags for crypto projects like Ethereum (ETH).

Not gonna lie, it's pretty hilarious that #CRO got the second Twitter emoji after #BTC. Apparently, it doesn't take much more than to commit to more than $50,000 of ad spend and you usually get it. Still absurd — Larry Cermak (@lawmaster) June 11, 2020

On the other hand, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is heavily involved with Bitcoin through his company Square, which funds a portion of BTC’s development.

Thus, Dorsey has traditionally ignored all other cryptocurrencies by making it unlikely that another crypto hashtag will be introduced “organically.”

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: SCION SOCIAL



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