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Crypto Donations Can Be Made To Khan Academy Following COVID-19 Traffic Surge

The founder of education platform Khan Academy has put out an urgent call for donations following a 250% surge in users due to the coronavirus crisis.

CEO Sal Khan asked users to donate fiat or they can donate Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) via their Brave browsers to help the platform stay open during the pandemic.

Khan said the surge was due to record numbers of students forced to stay home during lockdowns and social distancing requirements.  Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. 

“I just wanted to give you a quick message, because I know in this time of crisis there’s a lot of anxieties about health, about the economy and the fact that there are a billion students — and you might be one of them — who are not in school who otherwise would be.”

Khan said the platform had a modest budget but reached every corner of the globe. He said it was already running at a deficit before the current crisis put it under even greater financial strain:

“Our budget is the budget of a large high school, but we reach a reasonable chunk of humanity and that chunk is getting even larger and folks need us even more in this time of crisis.”

Khan Academy is a Brave Browser/BAT Publisher, which means that they accept donations from Brave browser users.

Catherine Corre, head of communications for Brave, told that Khan Academy was a popular choice for BAT donations:

“Brave users can send BAT donations to their favorite publishers via Brave Rewards. Users can tip, donate monthly, and contribute automatically based on browsing. They can donate the BAT they earned from viewing privacy-preserving Brave Ads, or they can purchase more BAT and add it to their Brave wallet for more donations.”

In addition to other educational programs, Khan Academy has a substantial amount of content dedicated to Bitcoin (BTC), blockchain, and other crypto-related subjects.




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